LinkedIn Integrates AI as It Develops ‘LinkedIn Coach’ to Assist Users in Job Applications and More


According to a leak, LinkedIn is working on an AI tool to help ease the task of looking and applying for jobs on the professional social platform.

New AI adoption by companies is no longer a shock to the market, as in the case of LinkedIn, which is reportedly working on an AI tool. It was only a matter of time before the online service provider company integrated into the emerging technology that is gradually becoming the new norm. Owned by Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), LinkedIn seems to be developing “LinkedIn Coach” to help its users in job searches and applications.

Given that Microsoft owns LinkedIn, adopting AI into LinkedIn appears to be a natural progression. The technology company has already added chatbots to its products, such as Bing. The update with LinkedIn further shows the company’s commitment to leveraging AI technology to enhance users’ experiences across its platforms. Coinspeaker posted about Microsoft testing Bing Chat on non-Microsoft users earlier in the week. The company is working on extending the chatbot to other browsers, namely Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari.

LinkedIn Is Working on AI Tool

According to a leak by app researcher Nima Owji, LinkedIn is working on an AI tool to help ease the task of looking and applying for jobs on the professional social platform. LinkedIn Coach, currently in testing, will not only serve as an assistant during the job hunting and application stages alone. It will also offer skill-building opportunities to its users to help them acquire new knowledge and hone their capabilities. In addition, the AI tool will also help its users in networking on their LinkedIn profiles.

Owji, who revealed the LinkedIn AI tool is known for uncovering features in development by various developers. He announced the LinkedIn AI assistant on X, formerly Twitter, adding an image of what the chatbot looks like. Per the image, users can ask questions like “What is the culture of Microsoft?,” or “How does Coach work?”

LinkedIn is the latest effort by Microsoft to integrate AI. The company is also keen on making the technological tool available to more than its users. The director of communication, Caitlin Roulston, noted that the Bing Chat tests in Safari and Chrome by select users are only “part” of its expansion to other browsers. He added:

“We are excited to expand access to even more users once our standard testing procedures are complete.”

Without specifically mentioning the ongoing developments on an AI tool, a LinkedIn spokesperson, Amanda Purvis, noted that the company is “always exploring”. She added that the professional social platform consistently seeks to improve user experiences and “will have more to share soon”.

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