Indian Major Crypto Exchange CoinSwitch Delisted Terra LUNA


Why Indian Crypto Exchanges are Delisting LUNA?

There’s a rapid clash of LUNA’s stablecoin TerraUSD (UST), Followed by All the major crypto exchanges including Indian Crypto Exchanges started delisting LUNA from direct Buying and Selling to their Users to prevent them from further Losses.

Q. Why did CoinSwitch delist Luna?

After the collapse of its sister coin and stablecoin TerraUSD (UST) and therefore the shutdown of the Terra blockchain, you will have realized that the worth of the LUNA token has dropped significantly. this implies that there’s currently no liquidity within the market and that we cannot trade on your behalf.

CoinSwitch Delist TERRA LUNA

Q. What if i do not want to sell my Luna Coins at such an occasional price?

If you continue to believe the worth of Terra Luna as a project as an entire, you’ll be able to opt to keep your investment, which is able to be visible in your portfolio within the CoinSwitch app. However, you may not be able to buy, sell or trade until LUNA is re-listed. At this time, we cannot guarantee when and if the LUNA blockchain will launch again.

Q. Will CoinSwitch be the custodian of my LUNA holdings if I don’t sell?

You can hold LUNA in your CoinSwitch portfolio, but you’ll not be ready to buy, sell or trade it until it’s listed on the CoinSwitch app again. All existing limit orders and SIPs on LUNA will be cancelled.

Q. What does delisting mean? Will Luna go public within the future?

Delisting means the tokens will now not be available to shop for, sell or trade on our platform. However, for users who hold the token, it’ll still be visible in their portfolio. However, we cannot guarantee when and if the LUNA blockchain will launch again, and if and when it’ll be listed on CoinSwitch.

CoinSwitch Delist TERRA LUNA

Q. What if Luna bounces back within the market? Will you list it again? am i able to hold my coins until then?

Yes, you’ll be able to hold LUNA tokens in your CoinSwitch portfolio. However, you’ll not be able to buy, sell or trade until LUNA is re-listed.

We will be ready to revisit delisting when the LUNA blockchain is active and able to record transactions.

It’s quite uncertain that Luna might List once again to these Crypto Exchanges, However, You can still watch Luna Realtime Fear and Greed Index

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