About us

GreedAndFearIndx.com is a Realtime Cryptocurrency Sentiment Analyser that considers the primary crypto market dominating Factors – Market Volume, Moving Averages, Price Actions, Market Volatility, Community Hype, and Google Search Trends (not limited to hashtags) and finally comes to a conclusion to define the stability of Market in the given Realtime Frames.

The Greed and Fear Index Shows the following Direct Decision taking terms:

{STRONG SELL} – The market is experiencing Brutal conditions.
{SELL} – The market is just entering/reviving from its bad time.
{NORMAL} – The market no longer has any Buy/Sell Pressure and acting Neutral.
{BUY} – The market is just reviving/entering its profitable time.
{STRONG BUY} – The market is Experiencing its Golden Time.

GreedAndFearIndex.com uses script code to fetch data from TradingView to display some Crypto Data on the site. 

The website GreedAndFearIndex.com uses to fetch some Data from TradingView to show relevant content to the audie

This website GreedAndFearIndex.com is an Old deleted Domain, Now relaunched as a fresh Cryptocurrency Tool to analyze Crypto Market Sentiments.